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What Happens When You Lose Your Job?

Time to start thinking of a side hustle

BY YAZA Ghana Team

Aug 03, 2021, 10:11 PM

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It might feel like it's the end of the world when you've just been called in and told that your contract has come to an end. What do you do? Where do you even start to look for another job or look for something else to do?

With the pandemic looming all over the world and has seen most people lose their 9 to 5s, job insecurity is just one of the reasons a side hustle is a great idea in 2021. 

You Can Turn It Into Your Passion

Few people get to do the jobs they dreamed of when they were kids or the ones they studied for at the university. We have business graduates driving Ubers and music graduates selling insurance. Things are thick.

The result of this is people who wake up every morning to do jobs they hate and then troop to bars and coffee shops in the evenings to complain about how unhappy they are. The side hustle is an opportunity to pursue that which you are passionate about on the side. For creatives stuck in 9 to 5s, a side hustle is an avenue to channel those creative avenues.

Don’t become the woman five years from now wishing she had started something on the side. Stop talking about it and just do.
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