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3 Tips To Survive Winter Flu Season

You need to stock up on these foods

BY YAZA Ghana Team

Aug 02, 2021, 01:51 PM

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The sad thing about winter is that it also happens to be the time where flu season gets its turn to shine and we usually have no choice but to endure it. One could always get the flu vaccine but the big life hack is to turn to superfoods that help keep our immune system strong so we have a fighting chance against the sniffles.

I don’t like winter. I hate the cold weather, the barren trees, the multi-layered outfits, the short days and long nights, and everything in between. Even more than the constant need for drinking water and the dreadful trip to the cold toilet seat, I hate winter for the unrelenting flu season.
"Everything about winter makes it the perfect season for most of us to catch the flu or the common colds. Now, catching the flu was never fun but catching the flu during a Covid-19 global pandemic? That is an extreme sport unlike any other.
It’s a bit discouraging that even healthy people often catch the flu but they bounce back quickly thanks to a strong immune system. 

So what makes a strong immune system? Food. Here's a list of the best food we need to stock up this winter.
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