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Just When You Thought You Were Done

Can it get any worse than this?

BY YAZA Ghana Team

May 31, 2021, 08:30 AM

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You can keep blaming it on the first woman that was created on this earth, but sadly we go through it EVERY single month. Going through your periods is not the best experience ever, it just ruins so many of your plans and then you wonder; what the hell did we freaking do to deserve menstruation? What?

Mother Nature could have invented other ways of telling us we are not going into labor anytime soon. Like, let’s say a handwritten message on a wall because she’s outdated to send a text or an email. Or a boil on the left hand because who would want a freaking boil on their face? A voice would surely be worth it, especially for lazy people like me.

Here’s why menses are the devil;

Cramps Are Painful

Very. You feel as if someone is cutting your uterus slowly with a saw. Then the bastard takes a break to have coffee or watch porn maybe even masturbate, and then goes back to his bloody job. Sometimes, it’s like having excruciating contractions where you are giving birth to a tree. Or having a volcanic eruption in your uterus. And you still have to smile and say you are having a good day.
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