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3 Ways Of Getting Over The Hurt

It's time to put yourself back together

BY YAZA Ghana Team

Jul 28, 2021, 11:37 AM

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We all deserve to be loved and be happy in life, but unfortunately sometimes things it does not go according to plan. All of a sudden, that happy life disappears right before our eyes and then we have to deal with heartbreak.

True, it's hard for the pain to go away, but that does not mean we have to make a home in it. There's always a way of getting back up and putting ourselves back together. You have so much to live for sis and here's what you need to stop doing so that you can heal

By Not Trying

By waking up every single morning and walking around complacent. By confusing monotony with comfort. Routine with settling. Every day for uninspired. When you look at your life and you fail to find any spark, any zest, and any reason to laugh until you ache or dance around from pure excitement, that’s when you’ll be looking at your own life and feeling nothing but disappointment. Disappointment, boredom, and ultimately – heartbreak.
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