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Are You Risking Your Safety?

You need to pay attention to this

BY YAZA Ghana Team

Mar 26, 2021, 01:35 PM

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Today, social media has become the easiest way for people to keep in touch, and keep up with the latest news as well. However, sometimes we tend to go overboard when we give too much information about our lives and this could have some repercussions.  

If you are the oversharer in your circles, you thrive on the high that those likes, shares, and mentions on gossip blogs bring. You may be so fixated on it that you are not paying attention to the things that could go wrong.

Your Mental Health Will Suffer

Oversharers like most people on social media, exaggerate the good parts of their lives. For a woman on the outside looking in it’s easy for your self-esteem to take a hit because your real life can't be as flawless as you see on social media. We can argue that for this woman, getting her self-esteem back up is as easy as unfollowing some people on social media.

What about the oversharer? What happens if you put all your business out there for everyone to see and then you do not get the appropriate amount of likes? What happens if you get trolled for it?
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