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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

5 types of people you'll find at church

BY YAZA Ghana Team

Feb 27, 2021, 05:38 PM

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It seems like there's that group or those groups who we all know attend church for some other reasons and not to worship. They hide under the pretention that yes, they are Christians, but we all know why they are there.

So, who are the type of people you will find in church?

The Fashionista 

They know the latest trends in town and they are here to showcase them to you, in case you still live in the 17th Century. Most of them are usually women and the dresses or the skirts will be too tight, too short, and the slits too high, distracting men of God who want to go to heaven. 

They shine brighter when it’s time to give the offering. They will walk as if they are on a runway, taking small stride and giving people enough time to breathe in their beauty. You don’t know whether they intend to seduce the Pastor. And if they have something close to a big ass, they will sway and shake it, you’ll think it will fall to the ground. Not forgetting that they are always wearing too much makeup. 

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