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It Was The Perfect Love Story

Then this happened

BY YAZA Ghana Team

Jun 03, 2021, 01:00 PM

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All seemed to be going so well and I thought I had finally found the one. I thought I knew everything about them, what their skin is made of, and how their hearts work. I thought I knew where their minds wander off to when they get lost. How they like their coffee and most of all their favorite positions…

But what do we really know about our partners? Do we know them better? Do we know their hearts? Their secrets? If they love beans and avocado and happy socks?

Then there's that moment we never see coming. The exact moment our life changes forever. And when it does, we live in denial, because we go through life thinking we are an exception. Smarter. Untouchable. Strong. More beautiful. We always think that some things can never happen to us, until they do. Because, even when a glass is clear, sometimes, you can look through it and see nothing.

So what would have gone wrong?

The many secrets

There are many secrets about our loved ones we’ll never know, as we are remarkable at hiding things from ourselves as well as other people, You could sleep next to someone, but you won’t know what it is they are keeping from you that could ruin your life. They might have chosen to leave, and you won’t know. They might have another family, and you won’t know.

They will still smile, laugh with you and say I love you. Either out of pity or because they want to pretend that everything is okay. And you won’t know. The heart lies. The body lies. The mind lies. And we lie to protect the ones we love or so we think. To make them feel wanted. Needed. Important. Functional. Vital…
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