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Is He Seeing Someone Else?

The truths about modern dating

BY YAZA Ghana Team

Feb 27, 2021, 05:35 PM

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The modern dating world is exhausting. Online, in person, blind dates and hook ups. There's so much to navigate how are you ever meant to find true love? There’s also a decent chance the one mildly decent guy who hits on you will come with a string of foul-mouthed baby mamas.

Now, who said there are rules in love? Oh yes, us! But there are also trends, many trends and if your girlfriends aren't keeping you informed allow us to help.

Here are some of the lessons we've learned. 

They Are Our Men

Singer Bensoul correctly describes the dating situation in his song aptly titled Nairobi when he says, Sote tuna share. It’s true. The dating scene is one big fishbowl and you have no idea who else the man you think is life’s greatest gift since 4G internet, could be seeing. This of course shouldn’t stop you from looking. Go out, get wined, get dined. And maybe?

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